Dinosaurs and Robots Fashion and Like4Like!

Monsters and robotic humanoids are the protagonists of our illustrations for the t-shirts and sweatshirts that we design every new season in Like4Like. Through them, we let you see our Pop culture influences, whereas, in a cocktail shaker, we have mixed our own universe in order to create an original and daring proposal for our new collection for children’s clothes.

To begin with, we let ourselves be infected by street art, especially graffiti and collage, which we can see in big cities, where young artists use abandoned walls to express their creativity.

We had to follow that carefree and fresh line for our basic clothes. After all … who does not like a printed shirt? Then we wanted to bet on creating motifs and illustrations that did not go out of style. To do this, we infected ourselves with American Futurism from the 50s and 60s that created exciting fantasies of the near future, where we were surrounded by friendly androids.

On the other hand, we also decided to merge this western vision, with that which came to us from Japan in the 60s and 70s through films like Godzilla and Anime series such as Mazinguer Z or Astroboy. Everything fit, instead of being outdated, this Retrofuturist trend could be established as a classic that influenced our fashion designs, allowing us both older and younger, to live the fantasy of being able to explore this imaginary world.

We parents know that our children are still as fascinated today as we were in the past, by this world where robots and prehistoric monsters are part of our reality. The mixture had to be explosive!

Once finished, the result speaks for itself. An intellectual robot-dinosaur and a small retro style humanoid, have appeared to be part of our kids’ collection and infect it with that funny and dynamic touch that we love at Like4Like.

We know that fantasy is inseparable from growth, and of course … children in our opinion are their best ambassadors. So the message is clear.

Let’s never lose it!

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